SC REZKOZAN IMPEX SRL develops a production activity on the logs exploited from the western part of the country, in Hunedoara county. These are processed totally with the facilities of REZKOMAR FOREST. Here, a close sorting and selection of logs is intended in order to obtain a high range of quality products.
   The sawmill has a total surface of 100 000 square meters, surface which includes the production halls and the covered warehouses.
   It is also equipped to produce lumber with band saws, circular saws, boilers, steamers, lumber antisepticising tanks, driers, etc.
   The product, once it is taken into the steamer, is treated thermally, at high temperatures, and its qualities clearly change for the better. Due to this technology, the product changes its color, becoming brick-colored red, its flaws and internal stress are reduced, its resistance towards mould and dimensional stability are increased.
   It is always carefully intended that the services offered to customers are our number 1 priority.
   In the future its growth will continue, through up-to-date investments of the sawmill, mainly in the export production, namely in the fields of veneering, finishing and packing, with the purpose of increasing efficiency and product quality.